In this post, i'll be talking to you guys about how you can upload an unlimited amount of information onto your mind using anki. I want to start off by saying this is not sponsored by anki this is honestly a tool and a program. I discovered recently that has absolutely changed the game in regards to how i work, how i study and how i learn new things in medical school and this technique doesn't just apply to medical school.

Whether you're in your gcc's you’re levels of studying history to a different degree any sort of information you want from whatever discipline can be uploaded onto your mind using anki and using this specific method, so without further ado let's go ahead and get started starting off by first telling you guys what a flashcard is and what exactly ankh is okay so starting off. In my difficult time when. I need an assignment them I take assistance from computation assignment help from the experts who give the best academic assistance.

1st at Medical School

What exactly is a flashcard a flashcard is a very kind of simple um idea basically; it's a card or a piece of paper where on one side you have a question like what is the capital of let's say, France, and on the back of the card you have the answer which in this case would be Paris so on one side. I have a question attached on the other side i have the answer, and it's basically a simple way of testing your knowledge to make sure that you know what you're talking about and can memorize stuff in preparation for your exams or whatever you're preparing for now or you take assistance from matlab assignment writing help for your assignments.

The same thing essentially what anki is is a flashcard software that you can use on your phone, on your desktop, or whatever device you have in order to do the exact same thing, you know, have questions on one side and an answer on the other side, but it's not just that it's not just a simple flashcard it uses uh intelligent algorithms to test yourself constantly over a period of time which i'm going to talk about later on in the post anki is also completely free.

Study for the flashcards

I think the only thing you have to pay for is the ios app on your ipad if you want to use it on their but everything on your desktop on ankiweb on your phone that's all completely free that's one reason as to why. I would encourage uh students particularly to use anki in order to study for the flashcards okay so now moving on to why i think you guys should use anki and why. I think it will help you the first thing as i already said once you've understood a concept in school you know once you've kind of gone through yourself made notes on it and honestly understand the concept.

I think is so so helpful in uploading precisely what you've learned onto your mind so during my first, second idea of medical school. I didn't use ankles for a few reasons the first reason is that the first three years of medical school was more to do with understanding content it was more just about understanding how the body works and how the body relates to disease so there's a lot to do with you know understanding concepts rather than memorizing specific details.

Medicine in my mind

Honest with you i probably could have used anki in the first second third year as well but. I think Anki is definitely more applicable to me now as a fourth-year medical student where right now i think. I have a good foundation of kind of medicine in my mind. I understand the broad concepts but in my fourth and fifth years, what's really really important for me is to make sure that i memorize all of them. The specifics for example in my first-second third-year of medical school would be expected to know kind of you know what a disease is make a diagnosis and kind of know what sorts of treatment methods you'd use to treat this disease whereas right now in medical school my fourth and fifth year what's really important is not just to know. The treatments but to memorize what order you'd actually give the treatments.

Which i highly recommend you guys watch if you're interested to learn how to use Anki in a significant amount of detail to help you guys pass your exams in medical school or whatever field you're in. The class actually goes into great detail on how to use Anki and how to actually use all of. The skills and software that anki produces in order to efficiently learn and upload a large amount of content onto your mind and even though i was against using flashcards in medical school.

Checking out skillshare

Once i watched this class, it convinced me to jump on board with anki. I really appreciate it. The skilled chef allows me to learn such a new skill if you're interested in checking out skillshare for yourself and you want to learn some new skills. The first 1000 people who click on the link down below get a free trial of skillshare and honestly. I highly recommend you guys at least sign up for trial you know, try out these new classes on anki on whatever you want to learn on skillshare.

If you find that you actually benefit from them and you learn loads of new skills, then. The annual membership is actually less than ten dollars a month so link to that is down. The description is below, but that is pretty much it, guys. I can't stress how useful Anki flashcards have been for me in preparation for my medical school exams, and i hope you guys take something away from this post and do check it out. The skillshare course is well on how to use anki efficiently for your exams.